Candidate Screening

We all know that people are a company’s greatest assets and therefore it is imperative that we ensure that background checks are carried out on all potential employees to reduce the risk to your company’s integrity and security.

Prestige Recruitment Solutions can carry out the background checks listed below so rather than you spending that time carrying out these checks – just leave it to us.

We will discuss with you what level of screening you require for your type of organisation and then present to you our findings once the screening is completed.

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Employee Credit Checks – these checks will highlight any adverse financial data.

Criminal Record Checks – there are three types of Criminal Record Checks which can be carried out dependant on the type of employment ie Basic, Standard and Enhanced Disclosures.

Employment References – this will check the candidate’s employment history over a period of time agreed with you.

Qualifications Check – to check candidate’s qualifications.

Identity Check– to gain verification of your candidate’s identity and address.

Sanctions Check – this will highlight if there are any global sanctions imposed on your candidate.

Passport Check – this check ensures that any passports, Visas or ID cards are authentic.